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Children's Bibliography

Adult Bibliography

Below is a list of compiled resources available for various topics.

General Websites for Information
Links to sites that provide information on many topics (education, parenting, entertainment, video games, religion and spirituality - and many more).
Information and advice on a variety of topics - parenting information, medical information, and advice. Website that you should preview, and, if you think the site would be valuable to your teen, show it to them. It includes a column that response to questions that are frequently asked by teens (FAQ's). It could be an excellent resource for your teen.
There's a link to the top 20 websites for kids. It includes (a safe place for children to look for information) and ajkids(an ask jeeves questions site).
Kids can go there to learn about many topics - feelings, friends, health, and even recipes. There's a special section for teens.
Website that offers reviews of books, videos, apps, etc.
A website for teens that deals with many topics, some information for parents. This page is designed for mature teens only, and parents should preview the website before recommending it to their teen.

A list of some video games that will help your teen/tween build critical reasoning skills
Some tips and tricks to help children with ADHD. See for more information
Webpage for parents wanting to help their children with various learning problems
Webpage for health care providers, as well as provides resources for parents and children with ADHD.
Website for Centre for ADHD Advocacy in Canada, provides tools and resources.
National resource website for children and adults with ADHD
Stories and experiences from families and children with ADHD.

Apps and Tools
Review of numerous Educational Apps (some are older)
My homework student planner for iPad/iPhone iRewardChart
is an App that brings the traditional reward chart onto mobile device; customizable, interactive.
Learning Works for Kids webpage with over 100 Apps and games designed to improve working memory
Cogmed working memory training website

Anxiety & Depression
Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba website, also has a list of resources
General information site for Anxiety Information
Good website for children and parents of children who are shy and experience social anxiety.
Great article about anxiety in kids.
A website based in BC that provides helpful tools including videos and apps.
Mood Disorders of Manitoba
A local website for adolescents with various resources available, as well as "self-checks", and a map of services for adolescents in Manitoba.
Teen talk hotline aimed at adolescent males.
A US Resource for how to talk to children about losing someone to suicide.

Some Meditation tracks for children who struggle with sleep

Hot Air Balloon Sleep Meditation

Children’s Space Adventure:

Sleep Meditation: Octopus Tea Garden Under the Sea 

Sleep Meditation for Adults who struggle with sleep

Some Apps and Websites for Mindfulness and Anxiety; - This app is a Meditation app for Children - This is for adults, but some children enjoy it as well  - A guided meditation website, also has an app. - A website and magazine for Mindfulness Resources
A CBT app designed for those with anxiety and depression, provides coping strategies and tools - A meditation app for kids that has several guided meditations - A guided meditation for kids with butterflies - A website and app that provides various meditation apps for children

Autism & Social Skills
Books and games that parents can read/play with their children to help them acquire stronger social skills. Great books for kids and teens as well.
For parents of and children with Learning Disabilities. Includes information on Learning Disabilities and addresses social and emotional issues encountered by children with Learning Disabilities. There's a section on helping children develop Social Skills.
Describes activities that parents can do with their children to help build Social Skills. The activities have been developed based on research indicating the skills necessary for social relationships.
This website offers various details on the development of speech and language disorders in adults and children
Website that has resources for parents of children with Asperger's and High Functioning Autism
Tips and tricks for helping parents of children with aspergers.

Apps & Tools
Behavioural supports for caregivers of ASD individuals
Can be a helpful app in creating self-awareness of moods

Social Skills App with a guide and brain trainer app
An app used to enhance the understanding and use of language (words in conversation) in a variety of social situations. social skills and friendship by navigating through different relationship situations. Helps with social thinking/problem solving.
Helps kids understand the "faces" of emotions. Uses different technique to explore why you are feeling that way.
For teachers - there is a game for young children for facial expression recognition
Conversation Builder app for a variety of skill developments
A comprehensive list of available apps for Social Skills/ASD

Educational Websites for Parents & Students

Language Arts
Shares educational resources, reading games, math games, problem solving puzzles and educational software.
For ages K-12, supports visual thinking techniques, enabling students to organize and analyze information, integrate new knowledge and think critically. Includes graphic organizers, diagrams and more.
Includes teaching tools, tests, games and much more. This is a Church of England School.
Offers strategies, lessons, activities and ideas designed to help children of all ages learn to read. Also a goof writing resource.
An early reading program with robust vocabulary instruction for Grades K-3.
Provides educators and students access to quality practices and resources in reading and writing.
A glossary of scientific terms separated by grade level (Grades 1-6)
Provides educators with the information they need for what different programs, practices and policies in education work.
Valuable resource with many academic activities, including phonics, reading suggestions etc.)
Great website for children from preKindergarten to Grade Five.  This website provides a variety of fun activities and instruction to help your child learn the alphabet and to read more fluently.  Graded reading materials can be listened to and read by your child at the same time.  A variety of fun games will help make the reading experience interesting and educational.
Website designed to provide tools for all sorts of study skills, including visual mapping, meditation, metacognitive skills, etc.
Website with educational games, links to other sites, etc.
Website with games and tools for teaching kids to learn to read.

Writing skills
See above
Fun and free games for kids K-8, featuring education games, math games, and language arts games. An oasis of teaching resources and education information for educators. Includes graphic organizers, lesson plans, book reviews, sites for students etc.
Online educational games for kids of all ages. Includes math games, reading games, and much more.
Reviews and suggestions for programs to help kids learn how to type.

Has an extensive video library, interactive challenges, and assessments available to students and parents alike. Videos are on all topics (K-12 Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc) and are generally put into digestible chunks (ie. 10 minutes each).
See Above - See above

Individual Education Plan Checklist for parents and educators
Record voice reminders and see in text
An app designed to work on Zones of Regulation.
Watch this video to get a great summary of different apps to use for your kids during the summer months to maintain school learning.

Learning Disabilities Resources
Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba (associated with Learning Disabilities Association of Canada)
National Centre for Learning Disabilities general website
Overview of Learning Disabilities (National Center for Learning Disabilities; NCLD in the U.S.)
Overview of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
Article discussing Working Memory Learning Disabilities
A companion site to the PBS special on learning disabilities and differences. Explore stories and find resources for parents.

Electronic Tools & Apps
Search tool to find new resources
Learning Works for Kids is a vast website that allows you to search for games and Apps by skill and learning challenge
Webpage with Apps for children with special needs
Rewards plans with 3-D graphics
Website with numerous Apple Apps for Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
Review of numerous Educational Apps (some are older)
My homework student planner for iPad/iPhone iRewardChart
is an App that brings the traditional reward chart onto mobile device; customizable, interactive.
Learning Works for Kids webpage with over 100 Apps and games designed to improve working memory

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Dysgraphia Resources
Overview of Dyslexia
Overview of Dyscalculia
Overview of Dysgraphia
Article in “Parents Canada” with some helpful description of math disability and some good links
Canadian online document regarding dyslexia and dyscalculia provides descriptions of the problems as well as intervention strategies
A local website with resources for Winnipeg
Another local website with resources for Winnipeg
Great resource for learning to type for children with dyslexia.

Electronic Tools & Apps
Pyramid of potential” website (owned by Katherine Johnson, Msc Ed.) with access to training and Apps. ADHD; hypersensitivity and anxiety; dyslexia; dysgraphia; vision, coordination, and attention; organization and time management
Website contains many links to Apps/online programs/books/clinician’s guides/library websites (e.g., National Library of Virtual Manipulatives){8B8F3E41-7A32-4F07-ADAD-A0BDCEA35321}&gid={9A8B787C-B9A8-415B-B199-A4660455CC91}&tid={88D1A6EF-B27B-4F9E-8DE3-97D6B45A8A61}
webpage containing numerous Apps to improve math skills
Website with free and for purchase programs (including CDs)
A list of iPad Apps for Reading, Spelling and Writing Instruction

Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Family Education Website with helpful description of symptoms and a discussion blog for topics of interest
Canadian website provides helpful information about CAPD including classroom strategies

Electronic Tools & Apps
Auditory Processing Studio is an iPad App for adults and children ages 7 and up
Auditory “workout” app Sensory & Visual Integration/Processing Disorders
Symptoms Checklist for Sensory Integration/Processing Disorder
A Web MD article that describes SPD
SPD Foundation is an exhaustive website, including a substantial library of research related to SPD and its treatment
Webpage with several Apps to aid self-regulation in children with SPD or Autistic Spectrum Disorder

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