Cogmed Memory Training Program

The Cogmed Memory Training program is designed for children and adults with attentional deficits and/or poor working memory.  It is an online memory training program that is delivered to your home via a PC, laptop, or tablet.  Our trainers will help you set up the system, monitor progress, and help motivate you or your children so that the learning experience is a positive one.

At Mind Matters Clinic, we are combining the online training program with the therapy groups that we have been offering to children for over a decade. The groups teach children many of the organizational skills that they are lacking, as well as behavioural strategies for maintaining focus.  The groups will take place on six Mondays, from 4:15 to 5:30. They will be facilitated by a Registered Psychologist, so that you may be eligible for reimbursement if you have Extended Healthcare Benefits that include Psychology.  There will be a group for parents that is run simultaneously with the group for the children. 

Please click the Cogmed link below for access to their website which includes further information on the Cogmed Training Program.

Cogmed Qualified Practice'

Download the brochure: Cogmed Memory Training Program:

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